What Are The Advantages of Care Home Property Investments?

A care home investment can be a stable way of earning a monthly rental income through a property investment. It is a long-term investment has great potential for high returns as well as providing the elderly who need specialist care with a luxurious place to stay.

What Is Care Home Investment?

Care home investments are a bit different to other mainstream types of property investment. This is because it is considered to be a commercial property, however it is used as domestic residences for private individuals. Therefore, these investments benefit from the currently high demand for UK residential property.

An investor will purchase a unit in a care home. This usually consists of a en-suite type of room like a hotel. Care home units on average range from £60,000 to £90,000 each. The care home will find elderly tenants to occupy the unit and the tenant will pay rent like a traditional buy-to-let. The NET yields for care homes are 10%, which is one of the highest yields out there on the property market. They are also long-term, and the contract can last up to 10 years.

The Advantages of Care Home Investments

Care homes have several benefits over other more traditional types of property investments. If you have a portfolio full of residential buy-to-lets and you want to diversify your portfolio to spread your risks, then a care home property can do that for you. Even if you are a new investor and are looking for a long-term investment, or a place to live in retirement, then a care home investment could be for you.

Long-term investment – Care home investments last up to 10 years. After the 10-year mark, you have an optional buy-back option to sell the property back to the care home. Additionally, you can renew your contract with the care home company if you wish to keep investing for a monthly rental income.

The high demand – The number of over 65’s in the UK is increasing. The ageing population is creating a higher demand for privately funded care home properties. These numbers are forecast to grow in the years to come, making care homes a low risk investment.

Diversify your portfolio – You can spread your risks by investing outside of buy-to-lets.

Less risky than relying on the property market – The fluctuating and volatile property market can have bad effects on residential properties, but care homes don’t rely on the property market, allowing buffer time during property market dips.

Low maintenance – The care home will be managed by the staff hired by the care home company. The residents in the care home will also be taken care of by trained carers who are qualified in health and social care. You won’t need to get involved with the maintenance or patient care or the costs involved.

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Benefits Of Having An Air Freight Forwarder

If you have a business and you are more than willing to raise the bar by going global, you can start by researching air freight forwarders and the companies that they are under. These forwarders have a significant role when it comes to the importing and exporting process. Normally they are hired by importers and exporters to hasten the air cargo supply chain. They act as managers because they organise these supply chain processes. The points that follow show a few advantages of having a freight forwarder.


Getting your cargo on board on an aircraft will never be as easy as getting a ticket to fly to other places. However, do not worry; this is where the forwarder comes in handy. Trying to get your cargo space on board on your own is never easy unless you have got connections with the people on the ground, or if the owner of the airline company is your friend. These airline carriers accept goods, but if they are for air freight, a different process is used. They always have to ensure that the goods being boarded are without a doubt, not dangerous. Hence they scrutinize the goods entirely before loading them into the craft. If the goods are free of any issues, they are boarded and transported to their destination.

Negotiating The Price.

The price for air cargo is usually fixed; however, it is influenced by certain seasons, depending on the It is necessary to have an air freight forwarder who will intervene on your behalf about the prices that will be charged on your cargo. You should consider working with a company that has a partnership with an airline company because only then will you have a reassurance that you will secure a spot for your goods. Other benefits also come with working with such companies. Ensure that the company you will choose shall have had several years of experience in the industry to avoid any mishaps that might come your way. This is because you shall experience better rates for transporting your cargo.No carrier ever wants to deal with new freight forwarders. They always prefer dealing with the same old forwarders because the company they work for has proven its worth.

The points above have been used to show the importance of air freight forwarders. They mainly intervene for their clients. They speak on behalf of the clients to the company as well as to the carriers. You must get yourself a forwarder who will put your needs first.

Does The New Pension Auto Enrolment Scheme Apply to Me?

The UK Pension Auto Enrolment System in Essex

In 2008 in the United Kingdom, the Pensions Act of 2008 was passed, requiring all employers, no matter what size, to participate in the funding of employee’s retirement. It is based upon a pension auto enrolment system designed to help employees accumulate funds for their retirement.

It does not matter if an employer has thousands of employees or just one, or if the employer is a pet shop, a hairdresser, a solicitor, or an retail store, all must become a part of the scheme.

Minimum contributions must be at least 2% of wages of which at least 1% has to be from employer contributions. Of course an employer can contribute more if he or she wishes, but that is nice for employees, as it gives them some extra help in this regard.

The legislation was put into effect because of the fact that people are living much longer when they get into their retirement years, and there was a general complacency about setting aside funds for the inevitable time when we have to quit working and fend for ourselves financially.

Each employer was given a staging date, beginning with April 1, 2012, for existing employers, and to be determined with each new employer who goes into business after that date.

There are certain duties which the employer must maintain in order to remain compliant, including communicating in writing to the employees just what the plan is all about, and what the level of employer contributions are going to be.

In addition, employers will have to keep track of the names of the participating employees, their contributions, as well as the employer contributions and the dates when contributions were made. The sole purpose for the record keeping is simply to track who did what when in order to avoid any misunderstanding or problems in the future.

It is a common human condition to put off until later some things that are far off, and that don’t resonate in the present scheme of things. That is exactly how many people feel about saving for their retirement. It is just so far down the road, that it can always be taken care of later, until later comes and there is still nothing in the till.

The response from the public about this pension auto enrolment system has been very favourable, and especially so from employees as part of the funding has to come from the employer, it is free money for them.

If an employer does not comply, there are penalties and fines, and a court date involvement if the non-compliance becomes serious enough. However, it is the goal of the regulators to provide enough assistance to help an employer through the bureaucracy in order to pave the way through getting things set up.

There is a very thorough and well thought out set of steps and directions available on the government website that pertains to this issue, so if an employer has any questions at all, there are numerous examples that can be found there to help an employer through the process.

Bookkeeping Tips To Help You Save Money


A good bookkeeping service will help you save money. This is true if you own a business or if you need to adopt better bookkeeping habits for your household budget. Here are a few bookkeeping tips to help you save money and improve your financial situation.

Plan all your expenses in advance. You should never purchase an expensive item or make a major investment before planning it. Go over your finances to see if you can afford the expense and make plans to put money aside if you cannot afford the expense right away.

Keep track of all your expenses. If you ask a professional for bookkeeping tips, they will tell you to find a way of easily tracking your expenses. You could get in the habit of keeping your receipts or use online banking to see how much you are spending. Keeping track of all your expenses will make filing for taxes a lot easier since all your deductions will already be recorded.

Look for ways to reduce your expenses. You should go over your weekly expenses and look for things you did not really need. Small expenses can quickly add up and can easily be eliminated. For instance, you can save on your household budget by avoiding eating out and save on your business budget by ordering your supplies in bulk.

Put as much money aside as possible. You should open a savings account and put money that is leftover at the end of the month in it. If you own a business, putting money aside will give you the possibility of investing in marketing or better products.

These bookkeepingbookkeepingbookkeeping tips will help you save money and get organized. You should set aside a few hours at the end of each week to go over your expenses and bills so you do not get behind on your bookkeeping.