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Cosmetics, beauty, skin, face & body care, fragrance, makeup & gifts at miam-miam.co.uk New! Vanilla products. Harvesting vanilla requires patience as the vanilla pods must be allowed to reach maturity before releasing their delicate scent. Sensual and warm, vanilla is not sickly sweet as some vanilla scents can be, but it has that hint of the Orchid flower, which really distinguishes this scent from others. Eau des Vanilliers, tells the story of vanilla, from orchid blossom through to harvested pod. Available in Bath and Shower Gel, Parfait Body Cream and Eau de Toilette. In Mimosa the Mimosa range of luxurious beauty products on the hills of Cote d’Azur, Mimosa is a promise of Spring’s return, banishing winter with it’s golden yellow flowers. The
LOccitane Mimosa body milk

range includes soft and sensual fragrance Mimosa bath and shower gel (250ml), rich and nourishing Mimosa body milk (250ml), and delicate and sensual scent Mimosa eau d’Azur eau de toilette (125ml).
L’Occitane Almond firming & toning range

is arange of luxurious body care products with firming, toning and softening properties. The fragrance is fresh, clean with the delicate scent of almond. Almond oil, a traditional and powerful ingredient from Provence is appreciated for its skin care moisturising, nourishing, smoothing and firming properties. Choose from light, luxurious shower oil, exfoliating, delicious paste, firming milk concentrate, and blossom dew.

LOccitane Rose Eau de 4 Reines

Is a new fragrance, Eau des 4 Reines, is a blend roses scents, creating a beautifully fresh, delicate, velvety fragrance with muted hints of fruit. Delightfully packaged, choose from Eau de 4 Reins Eau de Toilette, Rose Body Milk, Rose Bath & Shower Gel, and Rose BonBon Lip Gloss makeup.
L’Occitane Giftsfor your loved ones

need pampering? Looking for a gift for someone special? We have selected some of our most luxurious beauty products and carefully designed several generous and beautifully wrapped gifts, a wonderful surprise for somebody special! Our hand wrapped gift boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes are filled with luxurious skin and body care products.
L’Occitane CADE for men range

for Men CADE cologne are discreet, pure and natural. CADE is purifying and stimulating with wild juniper oil from Provence. With inspiration taken from the landscape of Provence, these colognes are timeless and masculine. Our range of for men products include soothing shaving creams and balms, eau de toilette & cologne in both classic & modern scents, as well as bath & shower gels. Great brushed metal packaging complements this range. L’Occitane Olive antioxidant & soothing skin care range Harvest the olive tree, a symbol of peace, strength and fertility, is the emblematic tree of Provence. It has been cultivated for centuries and its olives provide precious oil, which is an integral part of the Provencal culture and cuisine. But in addition to its famous flavour and nutritional benefits, olive oil has traditionally been used for hair and body care, as it possesses antioxidant and softening benefits, and it helps combat premature ageing of the skin.

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